When you sign up for the audio app, you start receiving the Weekly Stories Toolkit by email. Why by email? We will be offering a video option soon, but that’s in the works.  The Weekly Stories Toolkit  enhance the experience of each story. In those emails we explain parents how each story promotes an entrepreneurial skill. The weekly emails are like a “manual” of mindset of success concepts for parents. If you want to be able to talk with your kids about mindset of success concepts, read the emails.    

These stories are a resource for Parents to start conversations with their kids, about self-esteem, success, entrepreneurship and ideas to be able to see the world form a position of possibilities instead of problems. 

I’m Alejandra Leibovich, I’m an latina business owner. As you can hear I decided to keep my accent. Even thought my accent is super cute, don’t let it deceive you. I’m pretty deep. I own multiple businesses. One of them, is a 8 figure business. Recently, I achieved what most entrepreneurs pursue: have your business work for you. I finally replaced myself from the everyday tasks and I’m pretty much retired, before the age of 50, with a handsome income and the time to develop stories. That has been my goal for the past 10 years.

These are not big studio, celebrity actor read, rehearsed stories. These are real life stories at bedtime, recorded on my cellphone, while inventing them on the spot with my son.

If you want big studio, celebrity actor read, perfect audio stories… these are NOT for you.

These are Homemade Stories by me, a mom, immigrant business owner, desperate to calm down my son. And I discovered I could teach him to be entrepreneurial through storytelling, with an accent.


For the stories we suggest 3-9 years old.

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