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About The Stories & The Creator​

A mom builds storytelling app to make her son “snap out of it”.  And it helps!

Dozens of original stories in unique live audio format presented to you in one convenient app. The format of the stories creates an immersive effect and provides an interactive experience to the listener.
The stories are unpredictable, the characters are fun and the app is free.
THE CREATOR: Award winning animator,  entrepreneur, author, cartoonist,  apps-games-software developer and sandwich lover, Alejandra Leibovich aka Aleloop, uses her creativity in a wide range of fields because why do just one thing when there are so many cool things to do!

Originally from Argentina, Aleloop decided to keep her thick English accent and has been living in the USA for the better half her life. You can find her usually doing something and you can like this page and share it to spread the love.

get in touch with us.

get in touch with us.

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