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Calm Down Stories HAS a free audio app with original stories that were created and performed live at some very odd hours by an overtired mom, who was desperate to get her kid to calm down so she wouldn’t lose her mind.

4 out of 5 parents

with absolutely no formal training in child psychology recommend these stories to calm your kid down, so you don't go bananas.

the calm down stories are for

-> parents who need more sleep

-> parents who prefer intellectually nutritious activities for their kids.

-> for parents who value creativity & believe that imagination is an important part of a child's development.

I knew it was time to find a solution for all the crying sprees when my son transformed from the little happy angel into unreasonably screaming toddler. Saying “no” to him was like a “tantrum ON button”.
All of a sudden the solution came out of my own mouth (and it wasn’t a loud cry l.o.l.).
My brain, heavily influenced by A decade of working at MTV, Nickelodeon and VH1 made me come up with one simple question: “How do I make my child click on the email I send his way?” It sparked the idea of telling him a story.
So I asked him:
– Did i ever tell you how i met the frog with one eye?
He immediately stopped crying!! And he looked at me and said the most beautiful…
I started inventing the frog with one eye story, right there in moment and. . .

Within minutes his meltdown stopped. then it turned into curiosity. then laughter.

it was a cure. why cure?

because instead of going into his crying mode, in about a week he started coming to me asking me to tell him a story to make him feel better.

in a few months, the meltdowns went away and the stories became part of our daily  quality time either early in the morning or at bedtime.


these stories work to
calm down my son,
i hope they work for
yours too!

hello! I’m Alejandra Leibovich. Just like you I’m a parent, and just like you i was  overtired and stressed.

all i cared about was helping my son to snap out of his lizard brain mode.


cALM down stories

this is me
passed out exhausted


CALM down stories

this is me calm, creative & rested!

No focus group has ever told me what they think of these stories because I don’t care.

All I know is that telling my son the stories to calm him down, kept me from losing my mind.

and when I shared them with our friends, and they shared them with their friends – a few of them said the stories sucked, and didn’t help their kids snap out of their lizard brain.

But i think most of those kids probably spend way to much time in front of a TV and they probably eat too much sugar and there is even a rumor floating around that the parents of those kids sometimes lock them in a dark closet, because everyone else who has shared these stories with their kids have told me that these stories were really entertaining, they helped their kids snap out of their lizard brain melt down and they helped the parents have better conversations with their children.


I started recording the stories, so one day i could share them with other parents. I figured if these stories worked for me… perhaps they will work for you too to calm down to kids.
Install the app & listen and let me know how they work for you!



hours of sleep for parents!

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“The stories are really helpful. Curiosity beats drama 99% of the time, and in a minute my daughter is already listening rather than crying”
GD, dad of solange
age 5
“My younger nephew normally sleeps in the room with his brother. I was really worried about how he was going to handle sleeping alone during this trip. When I downloaded Calm Down Stories app and introduced them to him he got absolutely captivated, and then fell asleep with a smile and slept thru the entire night in his own room! Now he is asking me to play them every night. And as an aunt I have to mention that the stories are really good. They’re even fun for adults to listen to. Very happy with the app!”
Zaira, aunt of Julian
age 8

Less screen time. More imagination. More conversations with parents & their children.

Fewer and less intense tantrums.

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